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Stay at the forefront of technology and keep up with industry innovations. Tianjiang Zhizao has the most first-class scientific research team, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other international high-end well-known R&D teams have created honors and miracles time and time again with the scientific research spirit of excellence. Science and technology prosper the nation, innovative practice, after hundreds of thousands of experiments, we have a unique product formula, a number of technical patents, and grasp the real secrets of food safety. The production technology and intelligent production line are in a leading position in the industry at home and abroad. Fully automatic CNC machine tools, enclosed automatic mixers, fully automatic stacking machines, etc., all enhance our precision technology production technology and high-quality products. The product uses corn, cassava and other natural plant starches as the main raw materials to achieve full degradation, and does not cause any harm to the soil. The surrounding green plants grow normally, and at the same time play the role of composting and loosening the soil. Tianjiang Zhizhi produces the best degradable high in the market. Accurate and environmentally friendly products, the paint is harmless to health after tens of millions of repeated trials, and can be directly divided into kitchen waste. It only takes a small step to improve the quality of life, protect your health, save worry and effort. Tianjiang's pure plant starch environmentally friendly lunch box is pure natural green non-toxic and no harmful substances. Physically, it can be heat-pressed into tableware of different shapes and specifications or various packaging products. So far, Tianjiang Zhizhi products have a variety of qualifications. The birth of new environmentally friendly packaging materials is not only a 'green revolution' in the field of new materials, but also a truly safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, and cyclical action.

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