Provide all kinds of new plant starch packaging products and professional customization for international foreign trade customers, domestic distributors at all levels and big customers.
Raw material

Edible plant starch is abundant 

and sustainable.


Low pollution and low emission synthesized by physical hot pressing.

Independent intellectual property rights

Obtained more than 20 patents

Circular value

Tested by authoritative organizations, it can be degraded in 16 days.

It has a unique product formula and production and processing technology, as well as a leading modern intelligent control production line at home and abroad.

The company has a unique product formula, production process, and intelligent control production line, which is in a leading position in the industry at home and abroad.
Brand mission
Guardian of green environment, an advocate of circular economy.
Brand value
Safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Brand positioning
Manufacturer of fully decomposed packaging materials.
Brand spirit
Rigorous, dedicated, innovative and efficient.
Company goals
To Become an innovation leader in the green packaging industry.