Water cup
Water cup

Product name: Disposable fully degradable lunch box

Product specification: 7*5.3*8.5cm

Main ingredients: cassava and corn starch

Product shape: circular

Capacity: 240ml

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Product Description: Edible cassava starch and edible corn starch are used as main raw materials, and degradable video packaging is synthesized by physical hot pressing, which has low carbon emission in the production process. Making the environmental protection concept goes deep into video packaging materials and truly realizes the circulation in nature.

Product features

1.   Reject the peculiar smell and leave a faint corn aroma

2.   The natural primary color without adding, and it is light yellow of corn.

3.   Smooth touch and natural luster

4.   Healthy materials

5.  Waterproof and oil-proof.

Application scenario: 'TIAN JIANG' manufacturer customizes and decomposes the packaging material for you so that small and medium-sized restaurants can have their brands. Applicable to various staple foods, Chinese food, western food, take-out, light salad, fruits, and vegetables, etc.

Advantages of products

1.   Follow up the production process throughout the whole process, and implement quality audits for all factors. Even for small lunch boxes, we will make customers feel at ease and satisfied.

2.   Honeycomb anti-scalding design, high temperature and heat resistance, long-term heat preservation.

3.   Thickened pressure resistance, strong bearing capacity, strong compression resistance, anti-extrusion, not easy to deform and break.

4.   Green raw materials, no plastic components added, lunch boxes can be directly crushed for composting, and deep processing can be used as animal feed.

5.   Staggered position to increase capacity.

6.   Separate the food and avoid tainted by the other,reassure.

Usage: Out of the box

Matters needing attention

1.   This product is disposable and cannot be cleaned and used repeatedly.

2.  Small errors in manual measurement of dimensions are normal phenomena.

3.   The display shows different colors, and a small color difference is normal.

Packing: 100 sets/box

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place.

Executive standards: GB4806.8-2016, GB/T18006.3-2020

Shelf life: 1 year

Production date: see packaging

Dealer: Tiangua Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Sales address: Room 107, Block A, No.530 Luocheng Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Manufacturer: Tianjiang Zhizao (Shanghai) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Consultation hotline: 021-54082606, 17317156234


Product customization process

1. Provide logo: the customer provides logo or design source files.

2. Design layout: carry out free typesetting design according to the layout required by customers.

3. Confirm the final version: the customer confirms the final version of the layout.

4.  Pay the deposit: After confirming the manuscript, you need to pay 50% of the customization fee.

5. Pay off the balance: arrange delivery.

6. After-sales customer service: logistics tracking, one-to-one after-sales service for customers.



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