Pay attention to fire prevention when storing disposable lunch boxes in spring
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Although the disposable lunch box has been controversial since its appearance due to various reasons such as materials, hygiene, and environment, it does bring convenience to people's lives. The production and sales of disposable lunch box manufacturers have never stopped, and they must be fireproof when storing these lunch boxes in spring.

Although the climate is mild in spring, it is also dry and windy, and it is a season of fires. Disposable lunch boxes are flammable products, so pay special attention to fire prevention when storing them in spring. Open flames and flammable and explosive materials should not be present in the warehouses stored by disposable lunch box manufacturers. Workers are prohibited from smoking in the warehouse. Paper and other items that are prone to fire cannot be stored in the warehouse. Sufficient fire extinguishers must be prepared in case of a fire. When used.

The new crown epidemic has not yet ended. Although many areas have begun to resume work, the catering industry still has greater risks, so there are still many people who choose to take out and take out. Disposable lunch box manufacturers have prepared a large number of tableware for take-out and take-out. When storing these tableware, we must do a good job of fire prevention, so as not to cause irreparable losses.

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